Whether you need it for focus groups, workshops or a sensory research facility,

House of Thoughts Research

may be just what you are looking for.

The space has been designed as a multi-use facility that can accommodate 12 private, custom designed sensory testing booths by day and by night, become a focus group room complete with viewing room. The space also transforms into an open and bright workshop facility or the perfect place to invite your clients for a debrief session.

As you would expect with any research facility, we are equipped with all of the necessary features and can even provide recruitment of respondents from our own in-house research panel. 

Focus Group room facilities

  • Reception area and group room on ground level for easy access

  • Large table (2.25m x 1.5m) to accommodate large amounts of stimulus

  • Comfortable Eames Replica chairs for respondents

  • Large full length viewing mirror and comfortable space for clients

  • Free WI-FI

  • Basic stationary (pens, highlighters, post-it notes, scissors, stapler, sticky tape, paper clips etc)

  • Full wall pinboard

  • Wall clips to hold concept boards

  • White board and markers

  • Butchers paper

  • 42 inch TV on a positionable stand with HDMI and VGA connections, wireless mouse and keyboard

  • Recording equipment

  • Bathroom facilities

  • Respondent drinks and basic catering included

  • Catering available at additional cost

  • Colour printing (up to A3), binding, cutting, laminating and mounting services available at additional cost

  • Moderation can be provided by our preferred research agency provider pod research & strategy

Sensory research facilities

  • 12 private, custom designed sensory booths

  • Large rear serving hatch

  • Remote controlled temperature specific lighting to achieve daylight, indoor light, red or green light conditions

  • Booth call light for respondents to notify staff

  • Touch screen tablets including stylus

  • Sensory questionnaire software

  • Kitchen facilities including commercial fridge, microwaves, freezer, cooking facilities, water filter and utensils 

  • Full service sensory research provided in conjunction with pod research & strategy

Portable sensory booth hire

Thanks to our custom designed sensory booths, we can offer sensory research almost anywhere! They are robust and easy to build anywhere that has tables and chairs such as hotel meeting rooms or community halls. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about the hire of our sensory booths to use at another location.

Touch screen tablet or mini iPad hire

The 12 touch screen tablets that we use for sensory research are also available for hire to conduct intercept interviews at shopping centres, sporting events or festivals. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about the hire of our touch screen tablets.

In addition to the 12 touch screen Android tablets that we use for sensory research, we also have 2 mini iPads that can be used for intercept research.

House of Thoughts research panel

House of Thoughts has access to its own in-house built research panel of people living in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Growing daily, and with the help of other local research recruiters, we can not only host your focus group, we can recruit it too. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about our research recruitment capabilities.